Extra Cash Through Paid Surveys Online

Paid surveys online are probably the easiest way to earn extra cash from the Internet. Where else is earning possible by merely answering some questions that only take from 10 to 30 minutes to do?

Why the Need for Marketing Surveys?

Marketing surveys have been part of promotion strategies and product development of big companies in the US, Canada, and Australia, as well as some global companies. For instance, the National Family Opinion (NFO) MySurvey has been offering paid surveys to people since 1946. Links like NFO help people with Internet access connect with companies that offer these services. This direct market research method aims to get raw information about how people find certain products and services. Then companies can decide on what to do with such products and services based on the results.

How it Started

Survey forms were distributed to consumer-members for filling up. These forms were actually questionnaires to get members’ comments about specific products and services. Companies needed to know what products and services were popular with the market, what needed further development, and what needed to be pulled out. These questionaires did this for them. When consumers, who were members of a survey link like NFO, accomplished and submitted the forms, they were paid for their time and effort. Pays ranged from 3 or 5 cents to about 5 or 10 dollars per form. Some companies were willing to pay more. The pay scale depended on the length of time needed to accomplish a form. With the advent of computers and the Internet, this market started to flourish, even globally.

Why Paid Surveys Online?

Companies discovered that unpaid surveys, like mushroom online canada those done through telemarketing, were inadequate to get people spending enough time to answer calls and questions. What data they got were insufficient to base marketing decisions on. Some people were rude the moment they heard the word “survey” over the phone. People simply didn’t want to waste time on telemarketing guys. So what companies started doing was to ask the questions online and this time, with pay. To promote this today, the lure was to offer ways on how to earn extra cash on the Internet. Hence, today, thousands of people from all over the world almost beg to be part of this market. And thus, too, fake companies started to pop up like mushrooms on the Internet.

What Paid Surveys Online to Choose

A lot of paid surveys online scams are so convincingly presented as legitimate schemes. But it’s simple to tell fake from real- genuine sites offer free memberships. There should be no initial or down payments online before people interested can join. There are lots of legitimate online sites that offer access to companies that pay for such surveys.